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Beeswax Hexagon Pillar

This Beeswax Hexagon Pillar is one of our favorates to burn and happen to be best sellers! They are so athetically pleasing when they burn, as the corners curl in!


These hexagon pillars are 2.5" wide at the top, 3" wide at the bottom, and 4" tall!


All of our candles are handmade in small batches with Pure Oregon Beeswax, and square braided cotton wick, and eco-friendly dyes! 


At Waxing & Raining Handmade Goods, we handcraft a variety of unique beeswax candles in small batches, using pure beeswax sourced in Oregon. We strive to use environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, when it comes to how products are made, packaging that is used and how ingredients are sourced. Delivering a thoughtful, non-toxic and earth friendly solution to your home and self-care needs. 


By sourcing sustainable and eco-friendly supplies, Waxing & Raining Handmade Goods introduces quality candles, tested with care, to find the best wick and wax relationship. Our vision is to spread awareness of earth-friendly alternatives to everyday comfort products. Our candles are just the beginning of our expansion into home and self-care products using the same conscious ingredients. 


Waxing and Raining Handmade Goods was founded by Hannah, an Oregon local with a passion for environmentally friendly, handmade, and locally sourced products. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest rain and living in alliance with nature's ever-changing cycles, she began crafting beeswax candles in 2015. By 2017 she launched her brand with a mission to provide earth friendly, and mindful consumption, by decreasing the toxic pollutants found in everyday candle products on the market today.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 


Blessed Bee!


Beeswax Hexagon Pillar

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