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About OurCompany

Pure beeswax candles, handcrafted in the PNW with Positive intention, delivering a thoughtful and sustainable solution to your self and home-care needs.


Blessed Bee.


The Full Story

Waxing & Raining Handmade Goods started during a long-term, cross-country road trip back in 2015. Although she never knew a challenging craft would blossom into A long-term venture and a creative focus. Hannah, founder of Waxing and Raining Handmade Goods, has not looked back since.

"I never knew I would love being challenged by beeswax the way I am, and continue to be every day. I never knew I would get the opportunity to express myself in this way. I am incredibly grateful for this process, and allowing the ever-changing cycles of life to guide me."

An Oregon local, Hannah is passionate about reconnecting people with their roots in nature. By 2017 she launched her brand with a mission to provide ethical Sourcing, mindful consumption  and a decrease in the toxic pollutants found in everyday products on the market today.

Why beeswax candles? - eco-friendly.  Completely all-natural and non-toxic Wax, made by incredible creatures, and oh so comforting and beautiful.

continually sourcing sustainable supplies, Waxing & Raining Handmade Goods introduces quality candles, tested with care, to find the best wick and wax relationship.

Our vision is to spread awareness of earth-friendly alternatives to everyday essentials and comfort needs. Our candles are just the beginning of the expansion into self and home-care products using the same conscious ingredients.

Our Materials


100% Oregon Beeswax

We source all of our pure raw beeswax from beekeepers all over Oregon.


square braided cotton wick

We use only square braided wick, as well as our natural cotton & paper-core.


sustainable packaging

All of our packaging and shipping supplies are recycled, repurposed and compostable. 

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