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3" Drippy Beeswax Candles

We really enjoy hand crafting these drippy beeswax candles. Although we are quite fond of the dripping wax and how beautiful it is, we don't make our candles to drip when they burn. This is becasue we don't want to waist the bee's beautiful precious resource! Our pillar candles are made to burn slowly and gradualy all the way down leaving a glowing outter layer. All the fuel should eventually curl in to be used by the flame. For more tips  and information on how to burn beeswax pillar candles correctly, visit the candle care section on our website! 


These Drippy Beeswax Candles are 3.25" diameter and come in 3 different sizes to chose from; 4.25", 6.25", 9.25".


Every candle is unique, no two will be the same! 

3" Drippy Beeswax Candles

PriceFrom $36.00