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  • How long do they the candles burn?
    Candle burn times can very for a few reasons. Natural Cotton wick requires a little bit of maintance. The ideal length for the wick is 1/4". It is important to trim the wick to about 1/4" before you light it and again throughout the burn. This is needed when the wick gets too long or starts to "mushroom". If the wick gets too long, the flame will to too large, burn too hot, and the candle will wind up burning faster. (See the listing for "Wick Clippers" in the Candle Accessories section for more information on how these can improve your candle burn!) Another important factor is the diameter of the candle and how long it is being burned for at a time. A good rule is to burn your candle for atleast 1 hour per inch in diameter. For example, a candle with a 3 inch diameter would need to be burned for atleast 3 hours each session that you burn it for. If the flame doesn't have the opprotunity to make a melt pool that reaches close to the edges, it might start tunnel down each time that you burn it, resulting in alot of waisted wax and a shorter burntime. Differnent shapes and sizes will vary in burn time. For an aproximate burn time of each candle type, refer to each individual item listing.
  • Where does your wax come from?
    We source our wax from beekeepers all over Oregon.
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