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Beeswax Wood Conditioning Oil

This beeswax wood conditoning oil was created with cutting boards and wooden spoons in mind. Although, it is very versitile. Containing only Oregon Beeswax, Organic US Grown Jojoba Oil, and Organic Coconut Oil, it can be used for any wooden furniture. The natural oils deeply moisturize, while beeswax protects and provides water resistant properties.


Our Wood Conditioner comes in a 4oz mason Jar. Choose between our wood conditioner with Orange Essential oil, or plain and naturally scented. Not only does Orange essential oil smell so fresh, rejuvenating, and clean, it has been know to have aintimicrobial properties. 


Please let us know if you have any questions, by contacting us at


Blessed be!

Beeswax Wood Conditioning Oil

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